Stress, Anxiety, Causes and Symptoms

Stress, illness of the modern age

Most people in the modern world live under increased stress and as a consequence of this way of living organism adapts to new conditions. However, if the stress lasts too long or becomes too strong, there is the development of mental and physical illnesses. The accelerated pace of life and many responsibilities do impose the constant presence of anxiety and tension. As a result of the increased mental strain is developed anxiety, irritability and fear (anxiety). Rare are the moments in which modern people can afford to calm, relax, and sometimes we should stop and rest. Pupils, students, athletes, employees and others often have the need for humility and reducing nervous tension while maintaining focus and composure.

Anti stress herbal remedies

All of sedative drugs, in addition to the calming influence, lead to sleep and thus reduce the concentration.
Herbs can be safely use to calm the irritated states, without fear of developing addiction. Active ingredients in herbal medicines are not aggressive and do not lead to the formation of habits, which is their primary advantage over the sedatives.

Natural Remedies for calming

Valerian is used for general anxiety and nervousness, the excitement, the insomnia that occurs as a result of nervousness, the heart problems followed by palpitations and a sense of fear.
Hawthorn is used to relieve the heart by expanding blood vessels and the relief of the nervous system. It is especially suitable for people who have a heart disease or a weakened heart.
Lemon balm is used in increased nervous tension and exhaustion. Kava-kava is a folk remedy for anxiety and insomnia in the Pacific Islands. It's specific in that it calms nervous tension, and does not lead to sleep, ie. not reduced mental capacity, suitable for students, business people, professionals.
Lavender shows soothing properties and can be used as a tea or essential oil and thanks to the pleasant scent creates a special atmosphere.
Chamomile tea is an old and tested tonic to relieve the tension and relaxation.

Bad effects of sedatives

Sedatives are drugs that easily can lead to addictiveness and are not harmless, and it is believed that they can be a temporary solution for insomnia.
Insomnia is actually a symptom of other problems, mainly emotional or psychological.
The only ethical solution is to remove the cause of insomnia.
So, every irrational and long-term intake of hypnotics is not recommended because of the great opportunities for developing addiction and complicating the problem. Hypnotics make it possible to shorten the time needed to introduce the dream and to prolong the duration of sleep, but such dream is often not of adequate quality. Namely, they reduce REM sleep where the brain is most restful.
There is a growing use of anxiolytics and hypnotics in the modern world of stress.We need to learn to control and reduce the effects of stress, and medications should not be a permanent solution, but temporary help in difficult situations.

Valerian, the most popular herbal medicine for sedation in Europe

Lately, more and more use of herbal preparations as a major advantage of not having chance to develop addiction on the drugs and tolerance to the administered dose.
Valerian is the most popular herbal medicine for sedation in Europe.
Thanks to its effect on reducing tension, stress, anxiety, irritability, and as it doesn’t cause addiction is making a comeback in use.
Valerian is effective in the treatment of everyday problems such as mental tension, irritability, concentration difficulties (eg stage fright before the exam), insomnia, fear, anxiety, anguish.

Herb for anti stress therapy

Nowadays most people at least once tasted life under the neurosis, and so many people live permanently under such conditions.
In this case, the use of drugs often seems justified, but without thinking about long-term consequences of taking sedative drugs and the possibility of creating addiction.
This group of drugs is not harmless, and any uncritical and long-term use poses a risk to health. Tolerance to the administered dose, causes the person has to take larger and larger amounts, as well as addiction that is developed, the main disadvantages so as sedatives, anxiolytics, and one type of drug.
Long-term stress leads to a need for long-term use of anxiolytics, which leads to addiction in most cases.

Natural remedies that lead to humility, and without creating dependency:

– Restlessness, irritability, anxiety, nervous tension – Valerian, lemon balm, hawthorn
– Anxiety, fatigue, anxiety, apprehension – kava-kava
– Relaxation, calming, insomnia – lavender essential oil in baths or as aromatherapy, chamomile tea, lemon balm
– Varies with no sleep (while maintaining a good concentration for drivers, staff, students) – kava-kava, hawthorn

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