Nicotine Addiction-Stop Smoking

About Nicotine Addiction

For nicotine addiction and the syndrome (symptoms) that appears when the lack of nicotine (abstinence syndrome crisis) are barriers to quitting smoking. When smokers stop smoking they lose their “positive” effects of nicotine that they had felt, and now have a “painful” effects of its deficiency.

Smoking tobacco is not only a causal risk factor of lung and heart disease, but is a disease itself.
Most smokers are addicted to a certain limit of tobacco, although the strength of dependence can vary greatly. “Addiction” means when smokers need a cigarette, whatever the situation, and when their behavior is conditioned by the contents of cigarettes and can not resist smoking, even when they know that it can cause damage. Effects of nicotine on the central nervous system appear or act in the same mechanism as drugs such as heroin and cocaine which cause the modification of some bodily functions. Can speed up mental processes, causing real anxiety, improve physical functioning and to create pleasant feelings. All of these symptoms cause need for nicotine again and again, more and more often.

Cigarettes do not have the characteristics, emotions, or belonging to social class. They represent a stick of tobacco, paper, glue and toxic chemicals. They are not anything that is beneficial to human beings. Cigarettes are the only readily available product designed to produce dependency and that eventually kills half its regular users.

Smokers are classified as “addicted” when:

- Have a need for a cigarette, whatever the situation
- Behavior is caused by the nicotine
- They can not resist smoking, even when they know that it causes damage

The following facts indicate that cigarette smoking, chronic disease and should be dealt with serious organized approach:

- Smoking is the main cause of respiratory diseases throughout the world.
- Smoking tobacco requires constant care with expert advice, support and medical treatment.
- The majority of smokers are addicted to tobacco to some extent, although the strength of dependence can vary.
- Symptoms of nicotine addiction are becoming more frequent with increasing number of cigarettes smoked in one day.

What makes the process of withdrawal and reduces withdrawal crisis, caused by the denial of nicotine from tobacco, nicotine replacement funds (Nicotine Replacement Therapy-BAT). For now, these are the only one with nicotine, officially approved funds for that purpose.

BAT includes:

- The nicotine in the form of patches, gum, lozenge, nasal spray, inhaler and micro-pills.
- This treatment is intended to replace nicotine from cigarettes and reduce abstinence crises that accompany the process of quitting smoking. It helps smokers to resist the desire to smoke.
- Some of BAT in the world are available in the free market while others are only available on prescription.
- BAT are available in retail in the form of patches of 15mg, 10mg, 5mg in the form of chewing gum 4mg and 2mg.

Smokers are almost impossible to stop smoking with ease, even when they want to do, given the vulnerability and protect their health and loved ones around. This occurs because there is tobacco addiction, and nicotine is a substance that is contained in tobacco that causes dependence.

nicotine addiction

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  1. I tried the patch and just about everything else. They all worked for a short time. Then I realized that the problem was really in my thinking. I took an online course with Jizai Media that worked for me. Therapy and awareness is what I needed. I am a non smoker. No desire, or urges.

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